Many delivery methods fall under the category of Special Delivery.  If your order is marked as Special Delivery, your tickets will be delivered in one of the following ways:

Paperless Tickets: Tickets that are linked to the payment method originally used to purchase the tickets. Sometimes sellers purchase these tickets on prepaid gift card, which then can be shipped to you or ready at a location near the venue for pickup. This card will not have a balance, but it will have the information about your specific tickets, which they will swipe at the gate. If the tickets were purchased on a credit card, we will set up an in person meeting where the seller will hand the ticket taker their credit card and allow you entrance into the event.

Will Call: Tickets are left under your name at the box office will call window.

Local Pickup: We will arrange for a representative from the seller's office to meet you on or within 2 miles of the venue to personally deliver your tickets.

On-Site Services: Much like local pickup, but all pickups are done at the same location where a team of representatives are standing by to assist with ticket distribution. These pickups are typically arranged for large national events.

You will receive an email with instructions on how you will be receiving your tickets prior to the event. If your event is farther out, this email will come as the event approaches, rather than right away. Included in these instructions will be an emergency contact phone number, if needed, so you can contact the seller if you are going to be late picking up or if you need assistance finding the pickup location. You will also be provided with our phone number so you can contact us with any other inquiries you may have on the day of the event.

If any other delivery methods become available for your set of tickets, we will contact you immediately, however, we are unable to request a specific type of Special Delivery with the seller. This is because delivery methods are dependent on how the tickets were initially purchased.

Most of the delivery options listed above require the recipient to show a photo ID upon pickup. Please be sure that all contact information is up to date and correct. If you need to make any changes, contact us right away so we can submit the request to the seller.  Also note, many times your entire party must enter together because the tickets were all purchased under one pickup name.